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Frequently Asked Questions?

The FAQ aims to answer questions related to Buckshaw Martial Arts rather than general martial arts questions.

Why choose us?

We offer expert instruction with a proven track record in developing students at their own pace. Training covers Self Defence, Fitness, Sparring and Traditional forms. We offer flexible payment schemes for families and discounts for single parents, government employees and other groups.

Why choose TaeKwonDo?

TaeKwonDo utilises the body natural elements to create power and technique.  It is based on scientific principles and is suitable for all.  It is a highly effective martial art that will keep you fit, healthy and flexible.

Can I try a single session?

Yes, your first session is free and there is no hard sell at the end of the class.  You have a month to decide if you want to join so that you will know what the classes are all about.

Do you teach Self Defence?

We offer a full syllabus of which Self Defence is included.  Courses to learn self defence are available but this only provides basic knowledge which will fade in time. Effective self defence is about practising skills so that they will be effective.

I want to get fit and have a goal?

The grading structure of TaeKwonDo means that you will be kept focused throughout your training. As you progress through the grades then your fitness will improve as a natural side effect.

What fitness training do you do?

We use military fitness training with the martial arts training, you will hear many buzz words such as HIIT these days but essentially we’ve been doing it for years.

What should I wear?

For your first few sessions just wear loose fitting track suit bottoms and a t-shirt.  Please bring a drink as you will get sweaty.

How do I pay, is there a joining fee and contract?

There are no joining fees or contracts.  Payment is monthly by standing order as this provide greater discounts and means no time wasted in the class paying for fee’s.  As it is a standing order you are in full control of the payment.

Are there belts and gradings?

We train to achieve development of individuals and the club, to make this the best possible environment we encourage students to grade on average every four months.

How does the price and quality compare to other clubs?

We strive to achieve the most cost efficient way for students to train whilst provided world class instruction.  We never attempt to sign up after the first session and there are NO contracts.

I’m not very fit and slightly conscious I will look silly

Each class is designed to help you go at your own speed and ability.  If you have any pre-existing conditions please discuss these with your instructor.

I’m quite old, have I left it too late?

You’re never too old to start, your age is just a number and the health benefits are superb. Each persons age, ability and fitness level is taken into account when you join.

What age do you take students?

We start classes at age 3-5, 5-8, 8+ and then Adults and Families classes.

Don’t you have to be flexible for TaeKwonDo?

Fifty per cent of the movements are hand techniques.  You will do many different stretching techniques that will give you a base level of kicking to work on.

Is this the Olympic style of TaeKwonDo?

This is ITF Style of TaeKwonDo, the one at the Olympics is WT (World TaeKwonDo). However, once you become proficient you are able to enter the fighting chance Olympic selection if you wish to try that style.